A brand new From Mercedes-Benz

The A-Class. Just like you.

The A 200 Hatchback Progressive Line.

A muscular exterior perfectly combined with the18-inch 5-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels,new expressive front section with sharp-lookingLED High Performance headlamps, and radiator grillefeaturing single louvre. The rear exterior’s narrow taillights give the rear wider appearance and accentuatingits dynamic driving character.

The A 200 Sedan Progressive Line.

The A-Class Sedan exterior design proves that compactgoes hand-in-hand with the image of strong, aesthetic,and functional. It features a striking front apron,long shape of exterior, 18-inch 5-twin-spoke light alloywheels, and LED High Performance headlamps to makesure that the A-Class Sedan stands out.

Hey Mercedes.

You know the feeling? You meet someone new and itseems as if you have known that person forever. That iskind of what it is like with the new A-Class. You haveonly been travelling together for a few days and it knowsyour peculiarities, your whims, what you like the mostand what not at all. The new A-Class and you suddenlybecome as one. So you can always be the way you are.